Semi-Automatic PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

(Container blowing range up to 5 Ltrs.)

Semi-Automatic Blowing Machine is suitable to produce different shape of the PET Bottles. The USP of this machine is it could blow containers from 100 ml to 6000 ml and thus gives the user the flexibility to blow such a wide range on the same Machine.

Features & Advantages

  • Fast Machines with optimized productivity & production cost
  • Precise Heat control due to layered heating system
  • Reduced electrical consumption: Reflectors are close to the preform in the oven
  • Parts changes less frequently: Parts are more robust with optimized service life
  • Operated by only One Personne
Container Product Material L PET
Container Volumez Pcs. / Hr. 0.1 - 2.5 (2 Cavity) / 3-6 (1 Cavity)
Theretical Output mm 0.1-2.5L : 850 / 3-6L : 400
Max. Bottle Height mm 450
Max. Bottle Diameter mm 220
Moulding Max. Mould Plate (Dimension LxW) mm 380x500
Max. thickness of Mould mm 300
Clamping Force kN 20
Mould Opening Stroke mm 230
Air Compressor Air Compressor M3/Mpa/kW > 0.63 / 3.0 / 11 kW
Air Pressure for Blowing Mpa 2.0-3.0
Main Machine Electricity Power kW 6
Voltage / Frequency V /Hz 380/50 (3 Phase)
220/50 (1 Phase)
Machine Size & Weight Main Machine (LxWxH) M 1.48 x 0.6 x 2.13
Main Machine Weight T 0.6
Preform Oven (LxWxH) M 1.37 x 0.61 x 1.34
Preform Oven Weight T 0.22
Safety Auto - Emergency Alarm Safet Interlocking Device
Reliable designed Clamping System with perfect performance
MG-880 adopts three-plate toggle clamping system to provide powerful clamping force required by high pressure blowing up to 35 bars. Besides, the system has an adjustment device to change the distance between front & middle mould-plate and the position of stretch-seal cylinder required for different mould installation.
Plenty of assistant units
The PET stretch blow moulding machine has a plenty of assistant units to increase the machine’s performance, such as air storage unit to keep the air pressure stable, grease-lubricating unit to reduce mechanical parts’ wear and tear, and multi-utilization air entry unit to meet air compressed air high-pressure single entry mode and high-pressure & low-pressure double entry mode.
Reliable safety unit
In order to keep both machine and operator safe, MG-880 installs twin start-up switches on two sides of the machine, which should be pressed at the same time to start the machine, while there is also an emergency stop button on MG-880 to stop machine urgently if necessary.
Powerful heating capacity with perfect heating result
The preform heater adopts infrared lamp as heating unit. Infrared has powerful thermal-radiation capacity, which can heat up preform to required temperature in a very short time, while the strong thermal-penetrability provides continuous and uniform heating inside of preform and over surface of preform.
Independent heating control system
The preform heater adopts independent temperature control unit for each heating zone to offer ideal temperature for various preform. Each heating lamp has a voltage regulator to control the voltage of the heating lamps and keep it working smoothly. With the LED display, it becomes easy and convenient to inspect and adjust the voltage value.
Perfect cooling design
The preform heater is equipped with air-cooling and water-cooling device to remove the remained heat on preform loader and prevent preform neck from deformation. And reliable air exhaust system placed on the heater keeps heating temperature continuous and stable during preform heating process.
Multi adjusting device
Multi adjusting device placed on the preform heater increases the machine’s agility. With those devices, the heating channel’s width and height can be changed easily according to the different neck size and neck height. The mouth of the air exhaust system is also adjustable to meet different heating requirement.